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    it’s implied that the only reason the bomb is faster to defuse with a kit in csgo is because the bomb code is written on the kit, not because of the tools     some fun counter strike lore from the counter strike lore books 

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  4. mirror-machine said: *Lights and cameras go off* *UNF UNF UNF* *E1M1 plays in the background* *Both animatronics screech and supershotgun noises*



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    Microsoft released a Reddit app for the Xbox One and it comes with these epic meme achievements

    A… Am.. I in the Twilight Zone?

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    yesterday TF2

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    Pff. Call me when you get a RAINBOW ninja.

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    mgs2 official guide book

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    This person is making doom floppy disk pillows… I want!

    Remember these? There’s not many left to buy! ;)

    And yes, I have ordered one of these bad boys! id 4 lyf xoxo

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    Drift Stage releases its Sunset City trailer

    Upcoming indie driving game Drift Stage, has released a pre alpha trailer for the retro style racer’s Sunset City track. The trailer, which shows off the vibrant colours and in game racing action takes the retro resurgence in recent years to new territories with its unique aesthetic

    Check out the trailer here

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